Fondation Alice Milliat

Act for women sports

The Alice Milliat Foundation is the first foundation for women sports in Europe. Hosted by the French Sport Foundation, it is recognized to be of Public interest. It was founded to promote media coverage of women sports, which is growing year on year but still has a long way to go. With this in mind, the Alice Milliat Foundation was created in tribute to the most honorable symbol of women sports.

In 2016, the Alice Milliat Foundation has been awarded by the program Erasmus + and was able to create the first European Day of Women’s Sport on May 7th 2016, with the support of a consortium of four other European associations: ISCA (International Sports and Culture Association Denmark), UISP (Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti – Italy), Kenniscentrum Sport (Netherlands) and the Foundation of the Sporting Club (Portugal).

The Alice Milliat Foundation was officially launched on March 29th 2016 with the support of the then French President François Hollande. It is the first European Foundation for women sports, but it aims to expand its activity internationally.

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