Fondation Alice Milliat

Documentaries’ festival about women’s sports

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The festival aims at taking into account all the elements related to sport, from its place in society to its social impact, including its influence on public health and culture. With this vision, the festival intends to be an event where cinema and women’s sports are intertwined.

One of the objectives of this event is also to make the general public discover documentaries about women’s sports while representing various disciplines and stories. Integrating documentaries coming from all around the world is a central goal for the festival.

During the pre-selection phase that will be made by a group of sport and cinema professionals, all the documentaries will be subjected to the same criteria (quality, relevance,…). The documentaries submitted will have to last 52 minutes minimum. Once the selection will be over, the documentaries will be shown to the general public and receive a prize from a the jury of the festival.

The festival will take place during three days, from 13th to 15th of November, 2020. The admission to the event will be free and open to everyone.

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